State and Territory Regulations for the use of 1080 Products

Australian States and Territories periodically review their regulations concerning the use of 1080-based animal control products. Animal Control Technologies (Australia) recommends that you review the regulations for your respective State or Territory before using 1080-based baits so that you abide by the correct procedures and regulations.

Links to the relevant pages on State and Territory websites are provided below. Procedures and relevant forms reproduced below have been done so with the permission of the relevant State or Territory authorities, or are freely available on their web site.

Australian Capital Territory

The commercial use of AgVet chemicals, such as 1080 in FOXOFF® is detailed in Schedule 1 of the Australian Capital Territory Environmental Protection Act 1997 (republication no. 43, 12 November 2014).

Commercial users are required to complete an environmental authorisation in accordance with the instructions to be found as follows:

The ACT provides an up to date list of authorised pest and weed control operators on their website:

New South Wales

The guidance for the use of 1080 baits in New South Wales can be found on the NSW EPA website as follows:

The website also contains links to the EPA’s pesticide control order (

Northern Territory

The use of 1080 in the Northern Territories is detailed in the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries section of the NT government website:

The web page contains links to a number of documents, including directions of use and application forms.


Access to 1080 baits in Queensland is currently under review with a trial programme in place with baits being available via authorised resellers, instead of local biosecurity officers. Further information on the trial and other 1080 baiting information can be found at:

Further information can be found at:

South Australia

The South Australian government provides information related to the access and use of 1080 baits in the Biosecurity section of it’s website:

The web page contains a number of links including declared pest animals and alerts. South Australian policies and regulations on pest animals can be found at:


The Tasmania Department of Primary Industries and Water is the only organisation with access to 1080 in Tasmania. Information about the use of 1080 in Tasmania is available at the Tasmanian government website:


Western Australia

The Western Australia government has issued a ‘Code of practice for the safe use and management of 1080 in Western Australia’. Further information can be obtained by visiting:

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